Mechagnomes: A Beginners Guide

“Mechagnomes” is an Ethereum-based NFT project that is essentially your membership card to the Mecha(Mecca). In the Mecha you can stake your $GNOME and use your NFT to get an APY boost. If you have a Mechagnome in your wallet while staking you’ll also receive resources that you will be able to use to build your compound out on. More info on that here.

Your $GNOME will come from rebases that the protocol earns by staking in Olympus where we will earn more $OHM. When you mint a Mechagnome you’ll automatically be airdropped the RFV(Risk Free Value, essentially the floor price)value of your Mechagnome in $GNOME for you to begin staking with.

Your $GNOME will rebase every 4 hours.

You will not be able to sell your Mechagnome and stake at the same time.

The resource packs that your gnome earns will not transfer with your Mechagnome if you were to sell it.


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